Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning combines tertiary learning with practice in the workplace. The practice can also occur at an educational institution, online or face-to-face. Work Integrated Learning includes internships, work experience and cadetships.

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Tips for finding work experience

Work experience will help you find out what the world of work is all about. It will also provide you with employability skills that enhance your resume – and possibly give you the edge when job searching in the future.

So, where to start when you're looking for work experience?

Searching for a business internship?

The benefits of business internships range from experience in your chosen field to opportunities to network and learn from other industry professionals.

If you’re considering applying for a business internship, here are some suggestions to help you on your way.

Levelling the playing field for students with disability

Work experience on your resume can help you to get ahead of the pack when you're looking for employment after graduation. Yet, for many students with disability, securing meaningful work experience can be challenging.

The Stepping Into paid internship program, developed by the Australian Network on Disability (AND), serves to level the playing field for students with disability.


What is an internship?

'Internship' is commonly used to describe a supervised work placement that takes place in a professional setting. It usually occurs in an area that is relevant to your field of study.

Want to know more? Read our article that explains internships and what you need to know before starting out.

Why work experience matters

Work experience can open up your mind to the great possibilities of your career. You can learn a lot about the workplace you visit, the types of education and training required to enter various occupations and how your career might fit within your own life.

But how do you get the most out of work experience?

How do you find an internship?

Finding an internship can take some serious detective work. There isn't a single website or book that has a comprehensive list of every available internship in Australia.

Opportunities for work-related experience will vary, but it's still well worth putting your best foot forward.

What’s next?

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