Assist your child

For parents and carers

The earliest and often the most powerful learning about careers is shaped by the adults in a child's life. The Assist your child page will help you to support and encourage your child or another young person with their career decision-making.


Supporting your child

Helping your child consider future occupations begins the career planning process. Learn more about future occupation projections by viewing Supporting your child's job aspirations.

Other areas where you can provide practical support include self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making and transition support. Learn more about Supporting your child's career development.

Making good career decisions - The Adventures of You

Find out in a fun, interactive way how executive function can assist career decision making

These animations will help your child to identify executive functions, and take consistent,long-term action to improve their skills.

My career profile

Encourage your child to complete the activities in My career profile. This interactive career tool will help them to identify their interests, values and skills and will provide them with a list of suggested occupations to get the career conversations started.

Career exploration at home

The disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is impacting all learning communities.

To support students' continued engagement with career education at this time, myfuture has compiled lists of resources for students, career practitioners, teachers and parents.

View the resources.

Job search resources

Access resume and cover letter templates and career articles that can help students apply for a job.

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Help your child choose school subjects

Help your child choose school subjects that match their career, education and training ambitions.


9 activities to help children understand careers

In daily life, you will find many opportunities to help your young child or teenager prepare for a great future. These career activities span teenagers, primary school students and pre-schoolers and are a great way to begin that conversation about the world of work.

11 tips to increase your child's interest in careers

Find out how to help your child to start thinking about what they would like to do and how you can support them in their career choices.



Resource for parents

Skills Match on the Job Outlook website helps people identify their skills and presents suggested career matches based on previous experience.

Access Skills Match.

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