Career exploration at home

The following career education resources are designed to support educators, parents and students and their learning communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Resources for students

  • My career profile: The nine activities in My career profile enable students to explore their interests, skills and values, and generate a personalised list of suggested occupations.
  • Career bullseyes: The popular Career bullseyes show students how occupations relate to school learning areas.
  • Occupations: Our 358 occupation profiles detail the tasks, required skill levels and up-to-date salary and labour market information (sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment).
  • Courses: Students can search over 15,000 current higher education and vocational education and training (VET) courses delivered by Australian universities, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations.
  • Industries: Our industry profiles include information about 19 different industries, including their employment prospects.
  • Career insight: The practical career information in Career insight includes articles on work experience, apprenticeships, writing resumes, applying for jobs and more.
  • Case studies: myfuture's case studies showcase the career stories of real people.
  • Job search resources: These templates and resources will help students to learn how to write a resume and cover letter.

Download a printable list of resources for students (PDF, 176 KB).

Resources for career practitioners and teachers

  • Assist others: This page features a range of information and resources to support career practitioners and teachers to encourage students to explore options, plan career pathways and discover possibilities.
  • Career resources for subject teachers: These resources are designed to help subject teachers build their students' career development awareness. Each resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and relates to an Australian Curriculum learning area.
  • Activity sheets: These five activity sheets can help students to explore myfuture.
  • A library of occupation videos by learning area: This resource features a list of all of the occupation videos on myfuture, sorted by the learning areas from the Career bullseyes.

Download a printable list of resources for career practitioners and teachers (PDF, 163 KB).

Resources for parents and carers

  • Assist your child: This page contains articles and resources to help parents and carers begin the conversation with their child about the world of work.

Download a printable list of resources for parents and carers (PDF, 170 KB).

Government resources for schools and their communities

Each state and territory government has published resources to support schools, students and families while learning occurs outside of the classroom. View resources and the latest information for your state or territory.

Wellbeing resources

The Student Wellbeing Hub has also published a list of resources for the education community relevant to the COVID-19 crisis.