myfuture Newsletter - September 2018

Term four is fast approaching, and myfuture is keen to highlight a new feature for you to explore.

Teacher resources  

Explore career resources designed to help subject teachers build their students’ career development
awareness. Each resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and relates to an Australia Curriculum learning area. 

Assist others

Remember to check out all the helpful resources available to encourage students to explore options, plan career pathways and discover possibilities. Many new articles and career stories have been added.

Snapshot of myfuture User survey results

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the survey in March. Listed are a few highlights:

  • 509 completed responses.
  • 78% agreed that the myfuture service is a well-known and respected careers information service in Australia.
  • 81% agreed that myfuture was user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Encourage your students to engage with myfuture

Remind your students when they sign up to use myfuture to click the check box to receive career-related information from myfuture. Information sent to students may cover a range of career topics, such as explore courses, occupations,career pathways, subject selections and open days.

We hope you enjoy discovering what myfuture can offer you, your students and school community.