myfuture Newsletter – April 2019

Welcome back to term two. myfuture would like to highlight upcoming career events, key dates as well as resources available to help your students explore their career options as they consider their options after secondary school.

Career events

Career expos are great a chance for your students to explore and help identify their interest areas. They can also find out about courses that are offered by TAFEs, Universities and training organisations in their area and determine if prerequisite subjects are required, which can help students when choosing subjects.

My career profile

To develop self-awareness for career decision-making, students can log in and complete My career profile, the career exploration tool. The short online activities will help them identify their interests, skills, values and more. After completing the activities, students will be provided with a results summary and suggested occupations along with links to courses related to the occupation.

Log in and explore the activities in My career profile.

Preparing students for working experience

Work experience provides students the chance to build on their skills and see first-hand the broad range of roles available in an industry. Encourage your Year 9 and 10 students to research their options and make contact with their preferred employer sooner rather than later. Some industries require notice up to a year in advance for work experience placements, so prepare in advance.

myfuture Partners

Rail Careers

Rail Careers offers information for students about a variety of roles in the rail industry, including work experience, Apprenticeships, information for school leavers and more.

Australian Training Awards

The School Pathways to VET Award recognises schools and other eligible organisations that have collaboratively delivered one (or more) excellent vocational education and training (VET) programs to secondary school students.

Open days

Encourage your students to log in and select the option to receive myfuture newsletters via email. Your students will receive updated career information and reminders about upcoming open days similar to the information above.

You can also select an icon below and connect with myfuture to stay informed of upcoming career events.