myfuture Newsletter - August 2017

What's new on myfuture?

Third term is now in full swing, and there is a lot happening in the careers space for your students, such as course and subject selections. Please remind your students and their parents about all the tools available to help them explore their career pathways.

Open days

It is that time of year when university, TAFE and colleges open their doors for their annual open days. Remind your senior students to attend to explore courses and find out more about the institution. The majority of these events are held in August, and students should research and plan which institutions to visit.

Students, parents and teachers can follow the myfuture social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on the different open days being run by institutions across the country.

Subject selections

Choosing subjects can be overwhelming for some students and their family. The myfuture team has produced an article that may help parents and guardians understand and navigate the subject selection process with their child.

View Help your child choose school subjects.

My career profile

Your students may be thinking about what they want to do when they finish secondary school. Help them develop their career decision-making skills by directing them to My career profile to complete the online activities. Students will be able to view their results and view suggested occupations with links to courses related to the occupation.

Go to My career profile.

Explore pathways

Your students can also explore career pathways by selecting a learning area they enjoy and exploring career pathway opportunities at different education levels. This can help students and parents understand that there is often more than one entry level pathway into a field of study or preferred industry which can help students realistically manage their aspirations.

View Career bullseyes.

Coming soon...

In the next newsletter you’ll find out more about some exciting improvements being made to the My career profile, Courses and Occupations features in late-August, including a data upgrade.

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The myfuture team