myfuture Newsletter - February 2019

Welcome back to a new academic year. myfuture invites you to explore all the useful resources available to you and your students as you plan for the year ahead.

Personalised searching

Encourage your students to create a personalised myfuture account and enjoy all features on the site. They can explore over 350 occupations, search the many courses offered and access My career profile, the career exploration tool. This tool provides students the chance to complete activities to help identify their interests, values and skills and view their results including suggested occupations.

Career Resources

User Guides

myfuture has developed short User guide videos to provide step-by-step instructions demonstrating key sections of the site such as Sign up to myfuture, Logging in and My career profile. If you or your students are new to exploring myfuture, you may find these guides useful.

Career Bullseyes

Help your students explore career pathways by selecting a learning area they enjoy. The interactive bullseyes display the level of education required for each occupation presented and link to a full occupational profile, which provides further information about the role, courses related to the occupation and employment prospects using current data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Teacher resources

myfuture has identified year-level specific resources for subject teachers to explore to help build students’ career development awareness. Each resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and relates to an Australian Curriculum learning area.

We hope you enjoy discovering what myfuture can offer you, your students and school community. We encourage you to consider publishing some of myfuture’s content and links in your upcoming school newsletter for your parents and carers to view.

Kind regards

The myfuture team