myfuture Newsletter - December 2018

As the end of the year approaches, you can use the resources below to help your students consider their post-school pathways.

Assisting students with post-school study options

Students who are interested in, and eligible for, direct entry to university still need to choose whether to accept their offer or defer and take a gap year.

Students who are interested in university, but who do not qualify for direct entry, can consider a range of options, including VET and TAFE courses. These can be pathways to study at a university.

Students can also explore Australian Apprenticeships, which offer entry pathways to more than 500 occupations across Australia.

Other helpful resources

The Assist others section of myfuture contains information for teachers and career practitioners. It includes resources such as the recently developed teacher resources, designed to help subject teachers build their students’ career development awareness.

You can also highlight to your school community, parents and carers the *Assist your child* page, which contains articles and information to help parents and carers support and encourage their children.

Explore career articles

New career articles on various topics are added regularly throughout the year.

Thanks for all your support for myfuture in 2018.